Transformational Festivals: Update!

Envision Festival packed music, spoken word presentations, yoga, movement, art, dance, performance, workshops, into a festival community experience on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.


Among many visually stunning images of the festival, Gypsyd of Gypsyd Photography captured and posted some amazing pictures, including one of yours truly.


Jeet-Kei Leung (who did the fantastic TED talk on transformational festivals, posted previously here on Caffeinated Camel) was also at Envision, here shooting the intro to Episode 1 of his upcoming video series ‘The Bloom’.

z8 crop 2

Clearly, ‘The Bloom’ demonstrates and develops the ideas presented in his TED talk. “‘The Bloom’, a ground-breaking new documentary webseries, illuminates the blossoming phenomenon of Transformational Festivals, immersive participatory realities that are having profound life-changing effects on hundreds of thousands of lives.” … “Amidst the global crisis of a dysfunctional old paradigm, a new renaissance of human culture is underway. Over the course of 4 episodes and 23 transformational festivals around the globe, ‘The Bloom: A Journey Through Transformational Festivals’ explores the alchemy of themes that weave a true story of genuine hope for our times: A new blooming of human consciousness emerging through creativity, love and joy and an emerging culture pointing the way to a bright and promising future.”

In the background, Envisionaries participate in the sunset ritual led by festival co-producer Sofiah Thom underneath the Earth Harp, played by Andrea Brook (aka Yoga Girl). The Earth Harp is the world’s largest string instrument and is played with rosin gloves so that the player’s hands become like a giant bow. The Earth Harp’s strings can range up to several hundred feet in length, and so playing it becomes a choreographic performance.

I’m looking forward to ‘The Bloom’, and checking out some of the other festivals I’m hearing about, like Beloved, Shambhala, Bass Coast, Astral Harvest, and North Country Fair (the one in Northern Alberta, not the one in Arcata, California, although that looks pretty interesting too). Such an amazing range of experiences to engage. Check out how these folks collaborated with the Shambhala festival community in creating the Shambhala Green River Collective to support becoming more respectful of the river ecosystem that this festival inhabits.

So many festivals, so much to celebrate!
Cheers, Caffeinated Camel

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